Your own private space

Perfect for workaholics, growing companies and corporate teams.
Each office is a space ready for you to print your personal touch.
You have privacy, but you can always go to work in the area that best suits you at the moment. In other words, a coworking space with door.

Why is it for you?

  • Forget about equipping, maintaining and managing your office. We do that.
  • Customize and configure your office according to your requirements and needs.
  • Equipped spaces with the best ergonomic furniture in the market.
  • Working schedule that suits you the best. Access 24/7 365 days.
  • Privacy and collaboration to the extent that suits you.
  • Contract for as long as you need, starting from one hour.

Included services

Services and facilitiesAVANTI CLIMB
Business addressX
Tax domicile (1)X
Private number assignmentX
Live personalized answeringX
Mail handling with free mail pickup at centerX
Reception and sending of email messagesX
Reception and attention of your visitsX
Access to our eventsX
Concierge serviceX
Access to the cowork areasX
Dedicated desk at the cowork areaX
Your new favorite coffee shopX
Grain coffee: different varieties and unlimited complimentary beveragesX
The best office furniture in the worldX
IP telephony, CISCO qualityX
Outgoing calls (2)X
CISCO quality WiFi InternetX
Constant cleaning and maintenanceX
Air conditioningX
24hr. video surveillanceX
Print center access (3)X
Meeting space access/included monthly6
24/7 AccessX
Parking space (4)X


1)Additional monthly cost. Use of tax domicile subject to official delivery : “SAT, IMSS and INFONAVIT “opinion on compliance of tax obligations” and INFONAVIT in the corresponding case. 2,3) Additional monthly cost. 4) Can vary between centers.

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